Rousay is a very talented multi-percussionist who uses various banging instruments to create free form rhythms and "found" sounds (ringing phone, bird calls so real you'll think a robin fell down the chimney again) all to mind-engaging effect, and really if you think a percussion platter would be filled with nothing but boring pitterpats guaranteed to send you to the bongo room think different. ANATOMIZE is a wail of a recording and something that I would call "adventurous" even these days when we all thought the adventure ran out years and years ago.


Vital Weekly

In his approach of the percussion kit he likes certainly a minimal approach and he also
likes that we can recognize the drum kit as such. I am not sure if he uses different elements, or
objects to be played on the kit, maybe he does (in 'Tissue' for instance), and Rousay manages to
make it all sound like it is layered, from time to time, and perhaps it is not...

New Music Buff

Each track is like a mini-etude or experiment which will presumably be used as material for other work.  Whether this is jazz, free jazz, new music, classical, etc. is actually beside the point.  The point appears to be the sound itself.

Lost in a Sea of Sound

Blip is eight vignettes just under thirty minutes. The pace or tempo throughout the entire composition maintains a fairly wholesome steadiness. A quality much appreciated since this free form expose' needs a solid binding agent. Raw and undefined push at the ears straight away, but once these beats and blips coagulate together the skilled talent becomes more understood.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Making use of every technical skill and imaginative skill of the artist. He is literally playing like an 20 piece orchestra and just as interesting to hear.

Can You Ear It? - U.K.

The opening track “blade”, while adventurous and experimental, isn’t overwhelming. Quite the opposite is true actually – it’s a restrained, albeit compelling effort, which highlights sonic experience over a virtuoso performance.

10 Questions Interview - Fort Worth Noise

Speaking of drums, we may brand Rousay as the Stephen Hawking of Drummers. Take a look at how he described his process for making this unique record:

Between Chance and Choice... SA Current

"If rock drumming is comfort food, the eight songs on blip are like a plate of raw vegetables that you can't even name. That is to say: this shit is good for you, but you've got to want it." - James Courtney (SA Current)

TMS - Dane Rousay - S2E14

"...his many upcoming album releases, and you get to hear some EXCLUSIVE tracks off his soon to come cassette "Blip" releasing next week! Such a great chat with a fantastic artist and an episode you can't miss."