"bodiezNc0de" - More Eaze 

Self Sabotage Records, presents More Eaze's latest collection, bodiezNc0de, a combination of pop-oriented songwriting, process/generative compositional techniques and careful production.

This album features Dane Rousay on drum kit and glockenspiel. This combined with additional percussion added by Thor Harris cause dense, yet beautifully understood percussion passages.

"anatomize" - Dane Rousay

The second solo release of Rousay's is "anatomize". This album features improvisational tracks, pieces composed for percussion and voice duos, as well as percussion quartets. The seventh track on this album "aloof..." is Rousay's first recorded effort at combining electronics (iPhone ringtones) with live, organic percussion.

"live in Houston, TX" - Dane Rousay

All profits from this tape go to Hurricane Harvey relief in Houston. much love
Recorded by Dane Rousay in 2017 in Houston TX at the Avant Garden. 

"Split" - More Eaze / The Freebiez

The Freebiez are an experimental pop band that Dane Rousay plays drums and electronics for. This split features some long form songs from The Freebiez as well as Rousay's polyrhythmic drumming shifting from acoustic kit to electronics and back again.

"SOUND-01" - Dane Rousay & others

"SOUND-01" is a compilation cassette featuring 18 artists/musicians that have played shows we've put together, crossed paths with us, or contributed to the overall effort to unbrand Tulsa. 
60 minutes in duration and encouraging of active listening, SOUND-01 is the essence of the mixtape and the embodiment of the DIY ethos being practiced by eclectic musicians from Tulsa and beyond.

"blip" - Dane Rousay

"blip" is Dane Rousay's percussion and drum-kit debut album. All tracks were performed and recorded live by Dane Rousay. All tracks aside from "blip" were performed on solely acoustic instruments/objects. The track "blip" features a guitar looping pedal that the drum kit was run through (live). 

This album is an attempt to magnify minimalist percussion performance and offer the listener a more "magnified" sonic experience than they may receive from other percussion works. These tracks/sides are not required to be listened to consecutively.

"The Stoic" - Adipsia 

Dane Rousay performed drum-kit and percussion on track 12 of the album. "The Stoic" is an 'esoteric concept album' about dealing with loss and failure.

"Nervis McGervous" - The Freebiez

The Freebiez is a band comprised of Joseph Erik Montano and Dane Rousay. The duo covers many sonic grounds but on this album, there is an emphasis on pop music and layering of sounds. The constant change in audio quality throughout the album give it a "mix-tape" feel.

"fine." - More Eaze 

Dane Rousay's percussion and drum-kit arrangements and performances appear throughout this album as a long-time collaborator with More Eaze

"fine." straddles genre lines, but that's not to say it's scattered. Rubio synthesizes disparate styles and techniques into something that is immediately engaging and cohesive. It seems that more eaze is about funneling scatter­brained 2k15 media consumption into something comprehensible."- full spectrum records

"(frail)" - More Eaze

Rousay appears throughout (frail) as an improvisor, performing drummer and percussion arranger. 

 A truly unique release, those familiar with Rubio’s previous work will find that his songs on (frail) are as satisfying as ever only now they come wrapped in swirling, rustling sounds which are unwrapped in the listener’s ears to reveal the present within.